3D Earth Spring School 2021 - Herrsching, Germany

3D Earth spring school 2021

spring school


The project members of 3D Earth and the European Space Agency (ESA) organises meetings and summerschools to present new data products, algorithms and test cases derived in the project and train work on data and algorithms.

The 3D Earth spring school will take place at "Haus der bayrischen Landwirtschaft" in Herrsching, Bavaria, Germany from the
 29.3.2021 - 01.04.2021 


Click here to register. Deadline is the 15.12.2020.

The school will be offered in a hybrid format. That means, that there are highly limited on-site slots (~25 participants), but participation is also possible online. 

The school is open to all scientists (focus on Ph.D. students, and early career post-doctoral scientists) who are specialised in a variety of Earth Science disciplines and wish to expand and improve their knowledge and skills. Participants have to study or work in one of the ESA member states. Participation is limited and highly competitive. There is no fee for the school but students are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation cost.

The price for full room (single) and board is 560,00 € per participant (arrival on sunday). All rooms fit the current corona rules for social distancing. 

Please consider that due to the corona pandemia your travel might not be allowed depending where you live. Find information about german definitions of risk areas here.

Preliminary schedule




Monday, 29.03.2020


Satellite data for Geophysics

Overview of 3D Earth products in Gplates.


Exploring data sensitivity by inversion

Insight into constrained inversion

Icebreaker & Poster Session

Tuesday, 30.03.2020

Details on joint inversion

WINTERC (Introduction, visualisation, Lithmod)

Mantle conductivity

Wednesday, 31.03.2020

Example Sumatra : Spherical harmonics, Gravity (inversion)

Magnetic inversion – Possibilities and Pitfalls

Example North America: Introduction in joint inversion and mutual information

Thursday, 01.04.2020

Reporting on the activities of the work activities

Discussion feedback on course/software/data

Further testing






Prof. Dr. Jörg Ebbing


Dr. Nils Holzrichter


Dr. Wolfgang Szwillus


Dr. Eldar Baykiev




Dr. Bart Root


Prof. Dr. Wouter van der Wal


Prof. Dr. Carmen Gaina


Dr. Max Moorkamp


Dr. Javier Fullea


Prof. Dr. Zdenek Martinec







Haus der bayrischen Landwirtschaft

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