Kriging Inpolated Crustal Thickness and Uncertainty Grids

This Moho was generated in framework of the 3D Earth project and will be used in forward and inverse modelling. The depth map is public available in this folder.

Click here to get access to the public 3DEarth folder. (password on request)

Below, you can find the description of the Moho.

Kriging Moho

Wolfgang Szwillus, Kiel University
Column 1: Longitude
Column 2: Latitude
Column 3: Depth to Moho (km)
Column 4: Estimated Uncertainty of Moho depth (km)
I classified the points from the GSC database as either oceanic or continental according to
the ocean floor age grid by Müller et al. (2008). Kriging was carried out for each category
completely independently.

Müller, R.D., M. Sdrolias, C. Gaina, and W.R. Roest 2008. Age, spreading rates and spreading
symmetry of the world's ocean crust, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 9, Q04006,