North Atlantic

The eastern part of the North Atlantic has been used as a case example in the STSE GOCE+
GeoExplore (e.g. Ebbing et al. 2013, Bouman et al. 2015) and is as well studied in the STSE Swarm+
Slim. In this project we will extend the study area to cover the entire North Atlantic. Recent
compilations of potential field data and derived crustal thickness from seismic and gravity data, and
upper mantle seismic velocity models will be merged with other existent data and models for
constructing a comprehensive crust, lithosphere and upper mantle North Atlantic model.
One of our goals is to validate the origin of the upper mantle velocity anomaly and to link this structure
to the evolution of the North Atlantic.

Flow chart North Atalntiv

Flow chart of the North Atlantic case study.